Writing prompts

Whether you are a teacher, student or young person, these prompts and writing steps from Indigo Williams will provide a simple and supportive way to help you generate ideas and write a poem for our competition.

My favourite place

Where is your favourite place in the world? Imagine it, hold an image of it in your mind and use it as a seed for a poem.

Where I live

Write a poem about where you live as if written for someone who has never been there.

Write a 'meditation' poem

Reflect deeply on something and use a place in time and your surroundings to show meaning and feeling.

The place I left behind

What place have you left behind that has left you with vivid memory? Describe what that place means to you.

Indigo is a poet and spoken work educator

The voice in my room


What have your bedroom walls seen? What would they reveal about you? Spend some time paying attention to the place we spend the most time in but pay the least attention to.

I'm from...


What people, places or experiences have made you who you are? Write a poem about either a person, place or object that expresses where you’re from.

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