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The voice in my room


Our bedrooms are unique places because they see us in ways most people don’t. The walls of our room have seen us laugh, cry, lose our tempers, pick our noses and many other things we would like to hide. Write a persona poem, which is a poem in the voice of a person place or thing about an aspect of your room.


What would your clock or wardrobe say? What have your walls seen? What would they ask you or tell you? What would they reveal about you? How do they feel? Have you ever paid attention to the crack on your ceiling? How did it get there? Spend some time paying attention to the place we spend the most time in but may pay the least attention to.


Step one

Click here to watch a video on YouTube, then answer the following questions:

  • What kind of personality does the plastic bag have? Is it friendly or scary?

  • What does the plastic bag desire and want?

  • How does the plastic bag feel?

Click here to read Quilts by Nikki Giovanni and Mirror by Sylvia Plath, then think about the same questions for each poem.


Step two

To write in the voice of an object you have to first imagine and decide what kind of personality it should have. For example, is your clock impatient and loud? Or is quiet and attentive to every second of the day? Or is your messy wardrobe a chatterbox spilling all your secrets onto the floor? Find an object or a part of your room you would like to write a persona poem for and make a mind-map of personality traits for that object.


Step three

At this point you should have an object you want to write about and a mind-map of personality traits and things your object might say. Now you can begin a write a whole first draft of a persona poem in your objects voice.

Pick an object in your bedroom and think about what your object may desire or hate. What kind of things would it say? Would it have an accent? Is it scared of anything? Write down as many things as you can about your object’s personality.

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