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The place I have left behind

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What place have you left behind that has left a vivid memory with you? Is it a school, an old house, somewhere you went on holiday? It doesn’t have to be an actual place it could be a figurative place like a place in time, a place in your heart or a place in your mind.


For this month’s task, describe a place you left behind and what it means to you. If you lived in many places pick the one that feels most alive with memories, images and emotions. In your poem try to explain what that place means or meant to you at the time; what were the discoveries you made there? What difficulties did you encounter?


Step one

Click here to read the sample poems on the website, beginning with To His Homeland by Roger Robinson to help you get started. Pay close attention to the details about the place that the poet highlights in the poem in order to help create vivid imagery for the reader.


Step two

 Once you’ve read the poem,s brainstorm places that you could write your poem about and from the list of ideas you come up with choose ONE. It’s best to go with something that means something to you because then you will have a lot of interesting things to say about it.


Step three

Once you have decided on a place, consider what details about your place could you highlight in your poem? What images come to mind? What smells, sounds or taste spark your memory?


Begin your poem with a freewrite about the details of your place making them as vivid as possible. Once you have some strong images begin to write about what the places means to you, what happened in that place? Why has it stuck with you?

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