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My favourite place

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Poetry prompts are a great way to start a writing session when you’re feeling uninspired or when you simply want to try something new. The purpose of this particular writing exercise is to challenge you into a creative direction you may not have tried otherwise. Trying new things out of your comfort zone can produce some interesting and surprising work and it may be just what you need to win!


Where is your favourite place in the world? Imagine it, hold an image of it in your mind and use it as a seed for a poem. Expand the image with descriptions and your feelings about that place.


Tip: You may want to try to keep an 'image notebook' over a period of time, and jot down the sights and sounds in your life. This will help towards your poem.


Step one

Choose an image you would like to focus your poem on and then make a list of interesting adjectives and verbs that describe the sounds you hear in that place. For instance, if I were writing a poem about my bathroom I would write down words like: shimmer, drip, splatter, rush, drink, glisten, swirl, gurgle.

Step two

Once you have your list of words, add metaphors or similes to describe something in your chosen place.


Example using the words: rush, gurgle (Try to create as many metaphors or similes as possible.)


The silver mouth of the tap opens a rush of water and the bath drinks itself full. I pull the plug and the water swirls into a gurgling black hole.

Step three

Once you have you metaphors and a list of striking verbs, you can use this prompt in two ways: you can choose a word from the list you have created to build a poem

around, or you can choose from the metaphors and similes you’ve created and use

them as starter lines.


Either way, the aim is to write a poem that creatively captures the image of a place, and this exercise will challenge you to find interesting ways to start your poem.

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