2015 winner

Home is Where The Heart Is by Lucy Arnold-Forster

​I never thought

My home would be a memory

An echo of a thought,

An imprint of

Some childhood experience.

I never thought

That vivid picture

Of the dirty vinyl floor,

The fluffy white rug,

The blue door,

Would fade away,

Replaced by some new house,

A house with blue carpets

And white doors.

I never thought

My home,

The postage-stamp garden,

The, thick, smiling plants

And my plastic watering can,

Would become mere thoughts,

Floating in forgotten regions of my mind.

I never thought

The little house

With rusty hinges

And broken cupboards,

Would become a fantasy,

A lost dream of mine.

I never thought,

my love,

My heart’s dwelling,

The place I always longed to be,

The door I always passed into comfort,

The house I always felt at home,

I would never tread again.

Some say,

Moving house.

I say,

Leaving Home.


Lucy Arnold-Forster (13)

St Pancras Laureate 2015


Photos: Sam Lane

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