2012 winner

Peter's Room by Hugo Grundy

Photos: Brian Okello

Peter reminds me of dust.


Peter’s room –

so roomy and dull –

boxes under covers,

comics on coats,

Books, pencils and brushes

and half drunk tea cups.


The sun outside curtains, never open.


And maybea diamond ring beneath it all.

Because nearly everyone’s mum’s got

a diamond ring.


You could sit on Peter’s bed

under Jesus’ wide open heart

that stretches across a whole wall.

Climb a cobweb to a branchy, pine

needle tree.

Light candles in the spine

coming up from cup-like roots

like a spider living upside down in a

peaceful park.


You could open drawers full of playful ghosts.

Pretend you’re at Eddie Rocket’s

– stripes of red and white.

But they’re colours,

not shades like Peter’s room.


There’s a narrow, broken shoulder


that leads to Peter’s room.

In the garden –

rusty old keys

laid out on a table.


© Hugo Grundy, 2012


Copyright © 2019 Betjeman Poetry Prize   |  All Rights Reserved

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