2009 winner

Lapland by Molly Tawney

Photograph: Hugo Dixon

The snow,

Crisp and new,

Remembers my foot

As it crunches through it.


I make sure that

I am the only one

Who asks the snow to remember me

Day after day.


There is no colour,

Just white upon white.

The only thing apart from snow

Is us and the tall green trees.


Falling like raindrops from the sky,

I just stand in awe and watch

The beautiful whiteness

Sit and rest on their companions.


I breathe in the frozen cold air

And watch my dragon breath

Spiral up and out of sight

Just like hot air from a chimney.


I just stop and listen

For the smallest sound

Until my ears

Are screaming in silence.


The snow reminds me

Of precious jewels,

Glistening in

The morning sunshine.


Have you ever been to a place,

Just like this one and felt completely alone?

Like you have the world in your grasp?

I have.

This is Lapland.


© Molly Tawney, 2009


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